August 1, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends

So what happens to be making the rounds these days? Sundin is still decisively indecisive? MLSE's ineptness is exposed even more with Bowman joining the Hawks? Carlo Colaiacovo tells us he'd prefer to be healthy? Howard Berger is being ripped at by all angles?

Perhaps it was a bad time to give blogging another go at it. When scouring for any Leaf related tidbit I can find, I wade through the obvious Bleacher Report nonsense only to follow it up with the odd "professional" journalist yet again remind me how long it has been since the Leafs won their last cup. And I suppose I shouldn't complain since it must be just as hard for everyone else to come up with material worth typing about. But then again, some of them are supposed to be making a living out of this.

This afternoon, Cliff Fletcher was on the phone at Hockey Central at Noon to basically yawn over the whole Sundin ordeal, claim that the whole McCabe fiasco will solve itself sometime next month or so, and that Jonas Frogren will be with the team come training camp despite the contract controversy. None of which I didn't know since the last time he said these words. So what was the point?

Now I completely understand that these are the dog days of summer, but this is Toronto, isn't it? Is there nothing better to talk about than the done-to-death topics of Sundin, McCabe, Bowman, Burke, former Stanley Cup wins and future grim playoff hopes? With all the men and women who make up this supposed "Hockey Media Mecca", you'd think that someone could actually wet the appetite of long standing fans with something more palatable than Colaiacovo hoping to play a full season next year. Why have we not been given some insight to the team from either new assistant coach, Tim Hunter or Rob Zettler? Why have we not been given an indepth biography of promising rookie, Nikolai Kulemin? How about a one on one with Ian White asking him all the hard questions about where he thinks he might fit in next season? Hell, photos of Niklas Hagman's wife would be better than this.

This is a team shaping up to have a very different look to it. Many of the new blood coming in, we know very little about. Yes, I understand that Ron Wilson likes to take the subway and Jeff Finger makes a lot of money, but is that all we're going to get?

Toronto... you disappoint me.